1-on-1 Coaching and Business Consulting

Get Help From a Business Advisor

The Carrot Project offers one-on-one coaching and business consulting aimed at helping farmers and food business owners achieve greater financial management expertise and confidence in making business decisions, which lead to long-term business success. Services may be free or cost-shared depending on location and household income

How will coaching help you?

Coaching only requires that you have a firm idea for producing or using local food.
We offer free, short-term counseling sessions, typically one hour or less. Email Jeff Cole to schedule coaching.

Coaching services can include:

  • A simple review of your business plan and/or development plans
  • Talking through new ideas or partially formed plans
  • Help identifying basic financial actions you can take in response to systemic disruptions such as pandemics or climate change
  • Help understanding the terms and conditions of government and/or charitable financial support programs, especially those requiring fast response times as a result of disruptions
  • More extensive coaching may be free or cost-shared, depending on your location and household income. Talk with your Carrot business advisor or coach about how to access more assistance. No advisor or coach? Email Jeff Cole.
    To be eligible for our business consulting services, applicants must:
  • Have acquired, own, or lease land, or a location for their business, or are in the process of evaluating ownership or a lease.
  • Be in operation or within one year of opening your business.

Business Consulting

How will business consulting help you?

Professional support can answer questions you have, and free you up to use your time in other ways. Our advisors bring added knowledge and perspective that can provide realistic options you might not have thought of, or have dismissed based on inaccurate information. We also offer training on using QuickBooks, Excel, and other recordkeeping and bookkeeping systems, and support with grant writing, creating reports, statements and other paperwork needed for loans and other forms of capital.


Our business consulting service pairs you with a professional farm and or food business consultant who is best suited to support you, based on what you identify as your needs. You will work with our Client Services Coordinator, Jeff Cole, to confirm your needs, and to connect you with a consultant to create a detailed consultation plan and agreement. There are no charges for this step of the process.


Consultations can occur over the phone, video call, or at the farm or food enterprise, depending upon location and needs.

Business consulting services include:

  • Business plan review
  • Creating and analyzing financial statements
  • Cash-flow budgeting
  • Enterprise planning and creating financial projections
  • Assistance in obtaining loans and other capital
  • Setting up financial tracking/management systems such as QuickBooks
  • Training in using your financial tracking system
  • And more

Ready to start? Fill out our request for support form to get going. Email Jeff Cole with any questions.