For Business Advisors and Policy Changemakers

The Carrot Project has the unique ability to work at the grassroots and simultaneously use data and its expertise in the policy space. There is no disconnect. The two spheres of influence inform one another.

 Jess Brooks, Sun Wealth and Advisory Board Member

The Carrot Project uses our knowledge and relationships to catalyze and lead systemic change. 


We combine our on-the-ground programs with our research, collaboration, and advocacy to create transformational change on farms, across our region, and at a national scale. Over the last twenty years, we’ve continuously evolved. We intentionally pivot our programs to respond to changing client needs and sector gaps.


Our deep network of collaborative partnerships is one of our core strengths, and we design our programs to address sector gaps and complement programming offered by our partners.

Agricultural Viability Alliance

One of our programs catalyzing systemic change is The Agricultural Viability Alliance, which connects farm, food and forestry viability advisors in New England and the Hudson Valley. Learn more about the Alliance’s work to build a just and resilient farm and food system.


Research and Reports

Our programs have been shaped by our findings from long-term research studies about factors for success for farm and food businesses. Learn more about our research and reports.

Working with The Carrot Project

The Carrot Project hires independent contractors to provide one-on-one business advising to our clients. Learn more about working with The Carrot Project as a business advisor.